Lighthouse Help

So for a school project we’re making a lighthouse scene, just something short and simple. I was looking at a few things and also saw the Lighthouse Video that was made in Blender. I was wondering how does one go about getting a stone texture that is similar? Or even just like this one:

Applying images doesn’t look nearly as good, I don;t need it to look super professional or too complicated, just something decent. Anything leading me in the right direction would be great :slight_smile:

Also, I can’t figure out an easy way to make the fence around the lighthouse. I mean I’m very new so I think about making a lot of cylinders…but then the spacing will always be off so there must be a more effective way. Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

Are you using Cycles to render?

For the stone texture you could probably find one here in the brick section. Apply the texture you want using box mapping to your lighthouse, and perhaps as displacement as well.

The fence could be done by modelling a single fence module. Then use the array modifier to create a longer fence “array”. Then apply a curve modifier to make the fence curve around and change direction, which is controlled by another curve object.

Image textures are actually a very good way to go. You could create an awesome brick texture procedurally but it wouldn’t necessarily be better or easier. A good place to find images for textures is

The reason your image textures probably haven’t had too much luck is because of the way they are mapped onto your object. If cylinderical projection doesn’t do it for your lighthouse you’re going to want to UV Map them.

To make a fence, to put it simply, which it never is, you want to build the section which can be repeated. The one horizontal post, and the following horizontals that extend to the point which they should be repeated using the Array modifier. All depending on what kind of fence your talking about though too.

Ya what @blazraidr said :slight_smile:

Amazing how it’s identical! Our minds think alike!

Thank you a whole bunch! :slight_smile: I do not currently use Cycles(I think), I still don’t know what it is, I’ll probably look into it, but like I said I’m very new to Blender.

Thank you for your reply as well, and this question could also go towards both of you. But I’m not seeing these options. The way I’m applying my image textures is by adding a material, then by adding a texture to that material of an image or movie. But I don;t see any cylindrical option or UV map or anything :confused: