Hey guys, finally I finished my first rendering in Blender 2.8 (Actually, this is my first ever blender rendering.). The last 2-3 days I sat down and tried a few things, that’s now the result. It was great fun and I’m curious what you think about it.

At the moment I’m also rendering dark / night / fog versions of the scene. If I like them, I can show them here too.

Built with Blender 2.8, rendered with Cycles. Thank you and a happy blending :wink:


nice work !!
remanded me of the movie inhalation !!!

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thx. do you mean annihilation?

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yes thats the word i am looking for !!!

This is really nice! :blush:

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That’s very impressive.
Only thing I noticed were the shadows from the grass straws.
Imo they look too sharp.
Also would you mind telling me if you did all the grass by yourself and if not, what asset pack you were using?

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Thx for your critic, i think about it!

i used the addon graswald!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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now make it black and white and square

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there are many options :D. iam testing right now some variants with fog, but i have problems with volumetrics/fireflys…

thank you! that pleases me very much!

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Wow this is stunning! Love it, always liked lighthouses! Good touches!

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You never rendered in Blender? Wow nice shots, bhwat else did you do before, you got the quality and udnerstand lightunbg veery well as it seems.

That last shot is stunning, angle, lighting, dof just amazing. Only thing which looks abit weird is that small window which is lit from inside, doesnt look “correct” to me atleast.

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when iam at home i can post some screenshots :wink:
yes. you are right, the window is a little bit strange… :confused:

Beautiful lighting man. Nice clean render too.

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i made the compositing in ps.
and if anybody interessted:

for me its the best way to composite
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Couple of thoughts:

(1) No civil engineer worth his or her salt would ever just stick a haphazard collection of lamp-posts in the ground, never taking the time to position them upright and without building a nice sidewalk leading up to the tower.

(2) I can see the influence of your apparently wide-angle lens, and the fact that you didn’t use an orthographic projection. Real photographs of towers often use “old-timey” bellows cameras in order to obtain this effect.

Way better than my first render!

nice art work…really like the camera view

Love it! Grasswald is so awesome isn’t it!?