Lighting a room

Hi, probably a simple thing but I want to model a living room but just can’t get the lighting to look good.

Just to keep it simple : I add a mesh cube, place a camera in it, assign it the color white and place an omni light and a spot light.

I then delete some faces from one wall so I have a windows and put a spotlight behind it so I have the shadows falling on my floor

Result : the walls don’t look white but greyish and I get the reflection of the omni light on the walls and ceiling.

How can I make this simple scene look good.

BTW : I ordered the new manual to get more familiar with these things but have not received it yet. Therefor this maybe stupid question…

well, the question is not stupid at all. in fact, lighting a room can be a difficult task.

i’d try radiosity - either the internal blender mode (the “radioactive button”) or yafray. if you use the standard scanline renderer you’d need quite a lot of lights to simulate the natural behavior of light. you’ll need a light that falls through the window, maybe a omni to give a general light, and a couple of spots (with low energy) to light each wall individually and thus create subtle changes/shades. maybe use sqare spots fir that, and turn buffer-shadows on - if you have stuff like tables or chairs.

don’t forget to turn down specularity and hardness for the room material - walls are usually not shiny at all ( no sharp highlights).

using radiosity one single light-source may be enough - placed outside the window and with enough energy to lighten the room. check out the documentaion on how to use the radio-stuff in blender.

good luck

a nice indoor light affect is to put a light that is attached to a wall (those half bowl lights) with a spot light in it casting the ligh agaist the wall in a cone. the spot light- i had the same problem make sure the spec is down and the ref up. for a real nice effect turn halo on for the spot light. add colour to it (ie: orange-red=morning or evening/ yellowish=midday/ night=plain white.