lighting and water help plz

My 2 ?'s:

I have a light house made (no texture or anyhting) just outside faces. well how do i turn that face into glass then…how do i make a light beam out of the light house. My default chose of light shape is like a cone.

If you can answer this one really cool:
im making my video game landscade in the same fashion as morrowind cs. Which is landmass at bottom then a chunk of water that can have the land raise up threw the water using scuplt maybe.

A how to in text would be best cause videos are super slow on 56k.

As for the light beam, can’t help besides putting a light in the lighthouse (spot) and having a cone shaped plane stretch out from it with alpha set to 0 and a low spec with ultra low hardness. This will cause the light to diffusely reflect off the cone.

To make your faces glass download a glass material (search blender open material repository) and then in edit mode select just the faces you want to be glass and assign the glass material to them.

Well i found out the light thing just adding a spot and increasing the distance then i animated it. Now i cant figure out how to make the glass see threw. And then i cant figure out how to stretch (resize) an image in the uv unwrap windows cause the image is to big.