Lighting Artist Needed for Animated Roblox Music Video


My name is Logan, I create videos on my YouTube channel called LOGinHDi , I currently work on Roblox themed animated music videos.

I am looking for a Blender lighting artist that can light the whole animation in cycles and, if possible, render the video out. The video length is 2:46. Here are a couple of examples from past music videos animations -

I am looking for someone who is able to light the video to a similar quality as the examples above, and someone who can communicate updates on their progress. The budget for this will be in the range of $300 USD. There is no strict deadline for this, but it would be good to have it complete within a few weeks if possible.

I was previously working with another lighting artist before they dropped out. Here are some image examples they made, to show a similar style and quality that I would be looking for -

If there is any more information needed, just let me know as this is my first post on here. Thanks!