Lighting Bug

Hey. I found a bug with the orthographic lighting - if you turn the specularity of a material to 0, shadows from a Sun lamp don’t appear on it.

EDIT: Wait, maybe it’s something with my material settings. It might be because the sun lamp’s set to Only Shadow, and has both Specularity and Diffuse. I probably should just use Diffuse…

EDIT 2: Okay, it seems like there’s a problem with using only Diffuse with either the Sun or Shadow lamp - it doesn’t seem to do Specular and Diffuse shading separately. It’s odd… The problem is mostly visible when just messing around with the Only Shadow option.

EDIT 3: It also would seem that using Variance shadow maps reverts back to Simple shadow maps for some reason. I can see it in the 3D view, but when I actually play the engine, the shadows are blocky, like usual.

I find out that Motion Blurr 2D Filter is Broken (BGE, from Logic Bricks, already filled a Bug Report).

…And i think i find another Bug, have problem trying to reproduce it to report,
BGE, Texture—>Generated—>Toggle Floating Point,
on Blender 3D Viewport works, but crash BlenderPlayer on start,
Windows says “Memory cant be read”, Ubuntu says “Seg Phault”, all 64bit lastest versions.

Are you on AMD/ATI ?

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I’m using a Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7750.

So… Does 2D motion blur filter work for you?

No, it doesn’t, though the other built-in 2D filters work fine.

I have the exact same thing. Apparently all AMD/ATI cards have problems with the 2D filter. Some people say it’s a problem with AMD cards not identifying float values or something, which makes no sense because I have used multiple 2D filters with float variables in them. It also can’t be a driver problem because other OpenGL games work fine with motion blur. I wish it worked…