lighting effect

Just wondering if anyone knew how to achieve the exact lighting effect as in this video (in particular the “dust” particles floating in the area and the flashing of light)? I’m not too interested in how the actual smoke was created. Video can be found below:

All I know how to do is add a plane then assign an emission material to it but not sure what other tricks I need to do to get the lighting like in the video

Many thanks

This technique might be along the right lines

Thanks moony yes that is along the right lines. Any ideas on the lighting?
I have included some still images to show the light going from dark to bright. It’s got a subtle colour gradient to it which I don’t know how to achieve and really adds definition to the smoke as well as what I would call a lensing effect. Another subtle effect is the rainbow colour on some of the “embers”

Well, you can do it by cheating: