Lighting help (LCD Monitor)

I am a Blender noob, especially in the area of lighting. I have researched these things on Google, and tried to find some lighting information. I can’t. I have made this example, which obviously was just thrown together in a few minutes.

There are obviously things wrong with it, but I really don’t know what I am doing. This example features an “LCD monitor” with a red texture on the front. The red texture is the same as the one on the lamp, to make it appear that the monitor is emitting the texture color properly.

I would like to know how to make this scene better, and it probably needs to be completely redone.

It is attached.

- This is made with Blender 2.5 Alpha 2

EDIT: Here is my current render. Why is the light coming from it only blue, and not red? Here is the blend:


screentest.blend (224 KB)

I changed the point lamp to an area lamp. It looks better now, but the color of the light from the monitor looks weird. I want it to look like a monitor’s light in a dark room would look. The new file is here:

Please post a small JPEG…

ok here, is my set up I dont know if you know how to use it.

But you get your object click it, then press shift" S. Then select, cursor-> to Selection, which is the Object. then go to the rotation pivot button & change it to 3d cursor then select your camera
rotate it and you will see the lights and the camera are parented…Lights are parented to the
Camera, because sometimes lamps have errors and light wrongly when rescaling things and
I hope that helps, always have a blue spot light-which is cool tones, then warm is orange very pale
not so strong…at opposite or to your liking, then get a hemi, which is the last type of lamp
on the list, then place it behind your object, sphere head …box anything…then aim the
line toward the camera doesn’t have to be perfect and it creates a white highlight around the
object, then if you want you can add some other lamps like area lamps to fill make noise …etc

…and that’s all the lights, you can see in this file if it actually works.
render something you have modeled with default lamps and then
use the light set up i used and a.o if you want…and tell me what

(By the way your file on mega download is corrupt, use a smaller resolution.


Lights.blend (130 KB)

Bump. I updated the post.


Here’s my two cents…

  • You have, plausibly enough, achieved the appearance of “a glowing screen.” You could of course fiddle with it forever, and maybe you’ll want to. (e.g. to introduce some sense of “pixels.”) Or, maybe not.
  • In the magickal world of Computer Graphics, nothing is actually as it seems. (Or at least, it doesn’t have to be … and we call that “cheating” … and “cheating is good.”)

Let me now leave behind those pesky bullet-points and elaborate on what I just said. There is nothing that says that that “glowing” screen actually needs to be “the true source of light!” :eek:

For instance:

  • Put the TV on (say) layer #1 and the words on layer #2.
  • Add a spotlight, colored slightly bluish (say…) pointing down at the text from behind the screen. Turn the energy down. Now for the magick: put it on layer #2 and set it as a “Layer” light. Now, the light will shine through the TV screen as though it did not exist. (But since the TV is solid, you don’t see any of the light falling behind it.)
  • Add other lights, such as a nice Hemi light, also “Layer” lights, also on layer #2, to neatly illuminate the text without casting any light on the TV.

“Reality? Pshaw! We don’t need no stinkin’ reality!!”

I fixed it by subdividing. But it doesn’t cast shadows! Is there any way to make the emitted light cast shadows?