Lighting Help

Simple. My Lighting sucks. It’s potentially the worst there is outhere and I got no idea on how to improve it. I’ve checked tutorials and I just can’t light any of my scenes proprelly. It’s killing me.

I’m begging here for someone to teach me some lessons with lighting or a course or something. I am literally losing my mind with this.

Just to show you how good I am here is an example: RoomLight.blend (1.04 MB)

That’s all I can do. I don’t know anything else and I haven’t found anything that can help me.


You been watching wrong videotutorials.

Use emission only for the night time scenes. For the day scenes Use Environment HDRs and portal lamps

I’ve used HDRI, but how can I hide it? I dont really use them, because then you see the HDRI trough windows and things like that and it never looks right. I never used portal lamps.

I’ve added an HDRI now and it does look great, even though I had to use 750 samples to get rid of all the noise, so I’m not sure how viable this is, but doesnt the HDRI look “wrong” to you when you’re looking trough the windows?

Here is a screen:


If you wanna have this look from the window you can ( just rotate your HDR or change location a bit by using texture coordinate and mapping node in World shader nodes ) but usually HDR used only for the lighting so for the different look from the window you need to put the plane there which will represent the ground and model the trees so they will be covering this HDR trees which are blurry. Or use plane image there (images as planes addon you can use, so you dont have to model trees just to put one more image there). Or you also can use not the HDR but simple Sky texture which you can find in world panel or by using nodes (if you use Sky texture you still get decent lighting and you dont need to worry about the weird horizon look because Sky texture is empty (no trees - its just the blue color and sun which you also can change in World shader nodes by adjusting the Background strength and color. You can adjust the background strength for HDRi as well ( lighting from day to night slider). Also if you will want to make a glass for the windows you will need special glass material (not just simple glass) and use the portal lamps (to remove noise - for the noisy grainy scenes and dark rooms). Also if you see near the window the edges of the shadows are too strong for that you will have to change background strength and size of your sun lamp which you also have to use.

Watch this three main tutorials about lighting for interior scenes - and and