lighting in isometric games


I’m very new to blender so i’m not sure if this is even the right way to ask the question.

I would like to know how to set up the proper lighting seen in isometric games, especially when there’s a wide area to be covered. Meaning the amount of light is ‘equal’ to all of the picture/area… and the objects will cast enough shadow to show more 3D (or 2D?) like this screenie:

i understand that this has been later edited in photoshop, but i’d like to know if there’re steps in blender to achieve this (equal lighting to a given area, and can cast enough shadows in objects) Thanks.

This is a 2D picture, but to have this homogeneity in the shadow, you may use Ambient Occlusion (in the world Buttons), it could helps.
If you have several lamps in your scene, make them all No Specular but one.
That would help you to start light your scene.

yep , i’d use , Ambient oclussion, then a sun lamp wich lights in a flat way or the pseudo global illumination setup

here’s the setup in a blend file as a group for you to link , its a group called PGI :

thanks for the infos - i really appreciate it, especially the link. :wink:

im glad we helped ;D