lighting my foyer

I am working on recreating this snapshot I have. I need some advice on the light set up.

Right now, there is an area light in the windows, and another area and a hemi pointing down from the ceiling, and another hemi pointing up from the floor.

Also, the blinds are A 0.889, z-trans, and Emit .276 (otherwise, they were very dark, even when transparent)

I want to get more outside light pouring in. I might not put in the overhead light at all. I’d like to stick with blender’s internal renderer if possible.

Any ideas?



Instead of using emit to boost the brightness of your blinds try playing with the translucency. That will allow them to be lit from behind them. Also, try changing the colours of your lights - under the yellow light from the internal bulb the sunlight from outside looks very blue. If you’re going to use an internal light try making it fall off faster to increase the contrast and make it look less flat.

I like your texture for the wood panels and with the right texture your plant will work really well! Good luck with it!

thanks for the comments

I just discovered indigo, here is my first test with it:

There are some bugs I am working out, like the image texture didn’t work and it’s very noisy (16 hour render!). I’ve worked on some of these issues and am rerendering now.

But, other then the issues I am having, I think the look is nice, I love the light reflecting on the table, cut up by the blinds.