lighting not lighting the spheres(lamps)

I have issue i feel with the lighting of my scene. The light are matching the lamps however the lighs travel around the tunnel but non e of light shows up at the brightest area of the lamps I think the brightest area is where the whit lamps are however the lamp are not shining just the sphear tunnel. see refrence image i have posted below.I have showed were i think some of the light should be with the red arrows. there should be some of the light were the blue arrows travel which occuring .

Hope this post makes sense if not. i will post a more clear explanation later

It s not lighing up the sphere (lamps) The lamps are behind the spheres as ur can see th light travel around the tunnel.

why is not lighitng up th lamps (spheres)…how can rectify itto light up th e spheres


If u r interested pls render it with cycles it will give Better result For you…

the specular in the spotlights was not turned on. ehat cycles as i am following tutorial and he doesnt use the cycles render. Can you please tell me what cycles would produce a better result


I think you are talking about Emission. You can leverage emission from Blender Internal by activating Indirect Lighting under the World tab. But indirect lighting is not linked to actual Lamps and does not produce shadows, however, it will produce the effect you are looking for. A glow around a source. On the material for your light housing/covers set the Emit to 1.0 or higher and turn up the Factor for the Indirect Lighting to 10.0 or so to exaggerate the effect. Then turn it down to match your needs. You must also make sure the Gather rollout is set to Approximate, not the default of Raytrace.

Here is a simple scene setup for you. The cube material is set to Emit and the world is set to Indirect Lighting.

Bala is correct, Cycles will give you a more realistic look in this case.


27_indirect_lifghting_setup.blend (86.7 KB)

thank you for your help. The emit has lit the lamps i can see my lamps are slighlty off as well from the lightss. I will check the cycles render even though the tutorial doesnt use cycles. I dont think he does in the tutorial. The tutorial by andrew price. The tutorial is good result at the end ). It may be older than when cycles was introduced .

I shall try render version in cycles


Mines result is not as good as andrew prices at the moment as my alignment is off. I will see cycles before i sort out the alignment. I will post the result

hi atom the cycles render created alot white noise The noise fromthe bounced light in the tunnel . im guessing . Im not sure if cycles can handle all the lights . I ve set up one light an this was fine once place in the cylinder the light didntlight up the cylinder shape. Bounces and creates alot of noise.

Ive trried changing the sample ratte to a higher rate . changed the strengh of the lights . This did not make the image much clear.
I also tried using cycles with the lamps which ive attached at first this image was darker. Still the image was grainy and using over 50 smaples in the image s

not sure what i am doing wrong but didnt seem to be working al the lights and the cylinder gave out unexpected results