Lighting Question

i was wondering if anyone could explain how to back light something. Meaning having an object and a light behind it, and having the light shine and silhouette the object. A very good example of what I would like to learn how to do would be the work of Backiz in the weekend challenge “Way of the Samurai.” It was a render of a samurai and the blinding sunlight coming from behind silhouette the character. I’ am trying to have the light show up as an object and be seen, like rays of light. Instead of the normal lighting where the light just lights and shows the object.
it is hard to explain, and I cant really find and tutorials, and cant really find a photo to explain.
If you can help let me know thank you.

The Elysiun Support section’s aim is for people to “Ask any questions or problems about and this forum here.”. The kind of question you are asking goes into Blender General.