lighting/shading reel 09

Hi all,

I’ve updated my demo reel with some lighting/shading/comp work from the past couple of years.

Its available to download from my website, or otherwise on vimeo here:

I’m currently available for freelance/contract work.


Very impressive, Matt. The lighthouse scene was one of the best lighted renders you’ve made. Wicked sick! =)

very nice work matt!

Really great stuff!

Would love to work with you sometime if the right project comes up.

Thanks for the kind words, all.

poke: likewise!

According to this reel , we have only one lighting expert for all of the community - you are everywhere man :slight_smile:

we have only one lighting expert for all of the community

agree. :wink: Beautiful work!

Amazing work! I love the whole reel.

Just one question, why do you have footage from Elephants Dream on the end of your reel?

thanks for the kind comments!

Robo3Dguy: uh, because I worked on it? :slight_smile:

O_O awesome, thanks for sharing

You got an impresive CV on that. Respect!

Hey your studio was in 3D world :smiley:

Great work

Excellent stuff, better than i can do.

I wouldn’t be myself if i didn’t add a mostly pointless crit… but… the interior shots of the lighthouse i dont think shows your work off very well, ive always though the lighting for that was a bit odd.

In some shots I miss a more contundent use of rim lights, but overall is a great work and very professional.

That is really great lighting work. Hope you get contracts soon