Lighting simulation


To explain my query I am an engineering student working on a small project to design on campus bar. so far i have modeled the bar in blender ( just a rough one as time is an issue) and put in alot of lights to make it nice and bright for the renders. my question is, is there any way i can use my model to do a lighting simulation. I have the data sheets for the lights i would like to use in the building but i need to know how many lumen /candelas there are in certain areas to make sure it complies with safety regulations.

Any info would be appreciated


You can’t currently use ies data with Blender.
You can with Luxrender, but if time is an issue you might want to try Yafaray’s recent development branch. It won’t do all the things you want and the binary is currently only available for Win 32, but it will parse .ies files. -

You could try DIALux (

I haven’t used it myself, but there must be a way to model in Blender and import to DIALux, then add your lights with correct parameters.

I’ve been looking at turning my solid-state lighting hobby into a business for some time, so would be very interested in any solution you might find…

This might be a good resource (if you don’t know it yet)!

Thanks for the suggestions, i will use Thorn QE because it was suggested by the lecturer. Was just wishing to do it in blender cause it would be faster. if i had alot of time and patience im sure there would be a way of doing this in python but for now ill just have to stick with tools that are already built.

thanks again


The Lux renderer supports IES profiles for lights. So you can model a light to a real world specification and input the lumens for the light and achieve manufactureer fall off.