Lighting Study

I decided I have to make better presentations of my sculpts, and also, I have ben sculpting more or less for a year now!
So I’ll be using some of my wips to learn all the classic lightings setups in a photography studio.
When I’ll finish all I’ll make a cheat shed, so everyone can use it.

1,1- Split Light

1,2- Rembrandt Light

1,3- Loop Light

More coming soon…

Hey amigo !
lighting ! a lovely subject but a real pain in the ass…
good luck here , and as always i’ll enjoy following ur progression !

Malhomsi! Amigo! Glad you find it interesting!
I find that the different light gives me a lot of information about the sculpt, This will help me a lot in the sculpting process.

So here you go: Loop Light in Low-Key

u may try to add a rim light, with a this black backround , and try some color variation for ur key light!

BTW i love your material ! less the redish scattering ! may i have ur node set up ?

Now I’m only doing one key light close to the sculpt so it has big falloff and hard shadows, so there is no doubt about the light type.
I’m using the Free PBR material addon, this is the skin texture, wit a 50% gray color, and a red scatter. Also, I’m using filmic with strong contrast but not the strongest. the light is an area light at 15 and pure white

So I made a portrait lighting cheat sheet, to a bunch of expected light directions. 360º every 45º, on eye level 0º, from the top 45º facing down and from below, 45º facing up. So you can combine anyone of this to make almost everything you like.

Also, I forget to post the butterfly light!!! (cinema or paramount light)

All classical lights:

hey amigo ! the attachments dont work !

Thanks! I think I fixed them

These are awesome! I’ve recently moved on to lighting setups myself. So far I’d discovered 3-point lighting but you’ve given me a whole bunch of new things to google so thanks for that!

is the butterfly the same thing that Paramont ?

Glad to be of service! 3 point lighting has no real importance, you can use one, two… etc the important thing is what you want to transmit. But choose one key, then you can use a fill or something that reflects light, and you can have something to separate the character from the background, that is 3 point lighting. Now you have to think how is going to be your key light, if you are going for low-key, or High-key light, and if you want drama or beauty etc…

I think Butterfly, cinema and Paramount are the same light.

Thanks a lot to share all of this with us.I’m gone spend some more time learning light,and keed an eye on your work!

You are welcome! I’ll be posting my findings!

Those are all accurate and well done. However the most important part of all of these lighting setups is that they need some fill. Rembrandt is, in my opinion, the best lighting setup for most people. However people almost always use it with a single light. It has become a sort of hyper masculine and moody lighting setup. With a bit of fill it becomes extremely versatile and can be tailored for a lot of situations.

Yes! Yes and yes.
I’m going to start now playing with that, But for the purpose of clarity, and to show the different key lights I only use the one that gives the name.