Lighting / Technical Artistry Help

Hello Blender Artists,

I am seeking advice. I am trying to adapt a “Through the Looking Glass” scene, when Alice is about to step through the mirror. However I feel I can improve my lighting(I am trying to mimic victorian era lighting, with candles and a chandelier). If you have advice on how I can improve it, please let me know !!!

Thanks for Checking


I would increase the overall brightness of the scene, because it looks quite dark. I realize it’s supposed to be somewhat dark, but it’s hard to see. Also it looks like there are some shading artifacts on the walls. is it possible that there are some doubles?

I’d recommend creating more contrast in the scene. Currently, it looks pretty flat. Candle light is pretty intense up close but falls off pretty quickly (at least in my head). But that can be cheated. I would light the subject from the direction of the candles and chandelier, but allow other areas that are farther away to fall into darkness. Based on this view, the subject would look great with a strong backlight and mild fill light on her camera side. She would be brightest from the back (where we see candles on the wall) and slightly lit from above and behind her (from the chandelier) and darkest toward camera with slight illumination from the candles on the right. Let her legs get darker than her head and upper body, as the falloff from the candles at eye level would work that way. Just an idea, hope it helps.

Hi Modron, the doubles are shadows from a chandelier candles. And you’re right, I did want to make it brighter. Art Van Vert, thanks for the advice too, i’m working on this tonight.