Lighting up the inside of a bottle

I’ve been trying to get this to work; but haven’t had much success. What I’m trying to do is light up the inside of three different bottles to simulate a liquad. I have a texture in place, but want the light to filter through the texture to get that liquad look.

I do not, however, want the light to shine onto the floor or wall - this is what I have so far but beyond this I can’t figure out the rest.


Hi Kalshion

Maybe check out this thread for glass ideas

Thanks Forever, however I had already noticed that thread and the solutions inside didn’t help, the inside still came out as black.

Even though the material inside has TransShadow enabled, and the lamp inside is the same color as the internal material - it still comes out either black or purple (no idea why purple)

Also, the glass has pretty much the settings that those in the thread recommended. TranShadow and everything, which is why I’m confused as to why it isn’t working =|


No idea why these weren’t included, but these are four shots - including a partial render that shows you what it turned out to be. Note that on that material there is NOTHING set to purple =|

Edit 2: Well, I just tried it without the bottle and the texture is just fine (comes out green and the way I want it) but when I add the bottle back in, it comes out purple… really really odd…


There is some thing odd about the shadows behind the bottle. Light seems to be passing thought the bottle but the liquid inside is not projecting any shadow at all. Why is that?

Here is my test on layering two transparent materials. And, Blender seems to handle shadow from both objects just fine.


Try increasing the Ray Transparency depth setting.


Crank up the emit on the interior liquid material.

Ok, strange how emit didn’t work the first time and now that I changed the depth setting it DOES work…

Thank’s you guys :slight_smile: