Lighting using emission from fire

hi, i was making a torch with fire sim in blender cycles, i was wondering if it is possible to light up a scene with only the fire shader (emission from volume) without putting a point lamp inside the fire? because increasing the strength makes the fire really white
thanx in advance

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Use the light-path node’s camera output as the factor to mix two emission shaders, one for the strength visible to the camera and the other for the strength of light emitted.

The questions is similar to this example in which I used the same setup to emit blue light from a red cube. note that I cranked up the strength of the blue light to light the plane below.

Edit (again lol) you can use the same setup to mix your volume shader with an emission shader.


It’s certainly possible. This is low sample, and whilst there is admittedly external lighting, you can see how the fire illuminates the fire place.

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