lighting vs lightning

Don’t really know if this is the right forum. I was just wondering if there is a difference between lightning and lighting. I’ve seen both terms used, and I’m thoroughly confused.



Lighting is illumination and lightning are the flashes during a thunder storm.

Yeah, I know that :P. I mean that I’ve seen the word lightning used in several different places to describe cg lighting. Is this just erroneous or is there something I don’t know here?



AFAIK, it’s just erroneous typing.

Probably a post by Al_Capone…


General rule of thumb:
If they say lightning, and there’s no lightning in the picture, then it’s probably lighting. And if they say good lighting and your picture is way to dark, call them crackpots.

OK, so that last sentence had nothing to do with anything, but people have told me my nearly black images have good lighting…

Thanks a lot guys!

/me gets back to lightning (whups, I mean lighting ;)) a reflective sphere :P.



Some people spell lightning “lightening” which means, getting lighter. I think it stems from some early spell checkers which had the word lightening but not the word lightning. I saw this at my elementary school, around 96 or 97.

I hope now we are all “enlightened”…

Sorry…had to.

ROFL! Reminds me of some other posts where people complained about Al_Capone’s typos.