LightMap Pack - Selected Faces? - UV

I’m trying to create a lightmap in my second UV chanel.
After duplicating the UV and selecting the new, I unwrap my object using LightMapPack

Seeing as many of my walls will be outside of game play area, I deselect those faces and enable “selected faces” option. At first the UV looks great. But when I select all faces later, the UV looks like there’s a problem. Has anyone faced this issue?

2022-01-13 23_15_12-Blender_ J__1CurrentTemp_1. Queens Agnes Gallery_Blender Gallery Files_BakeCham

You UVunwrapped with lightmap pack only the inner faces so the outer aren’t changed… just copies of the first UV channel… You may wanna reset and scale them to an unused area?

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Wow thank you - that’s totally it!
I thoughts ‘only pack selected faces’ disposed of unselected…
Doh! thanks for spotting it :slight_smile: