Here is an ilumination study.
Renderized in Yafray and postproduction in Gimp.
Comments are welcome.

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Looks very good ! nice work !

But what kind of postprod do you made ?
Have you try the internal render ?

Anyway, the shadows are soft but enough dark, nothing are too bright. Good illumination work for me.


But what kind of postprod do you made ?

I added the grow effect to the lights and window.

Have you try the internal render ?

Not yet.

Why haven’t you used the internal renderer first…? I can’t understand why someone would work with Yafray before Blender Internal. Its nice to see more people rendering things in Yafray that would work out just fine in Blender :wink: neat nonetheless :smiley:

well for me… it looks good but for me it’s far a way from a real (in sense of reality) illumination. a window like that, with such a bright environment like here, would enlighten the hole room “way” more. + the shadows of the window are too sharp. it’s like you’d have mixed up 2 environments. the room itsself looks like there was a sun without clouds, straight light without any dithering. the environment trought the window looks like a foggy one with some ultra-power-super-spot shining trough.

anyway the environment + room do not match imo.

Very good lighting, add some bevels to the room, use your own model for the subject and make the lights round, not octogonal. We also want a shadow under the subject that is under the other shadow.

Use an area light on the outside as well, since that would provide smoother more realistic shadows from the outside. :smiley: