I have a lot of questions that pop into my head when i’m driving down the road but here is 2 i can remember.

Can you keyframe the intensity of a light? Say i want it to be soft and low and over time get bright and hard. Or would that mean just playing with the position of a light over time.

Also Is there a trick to doing in focus out of focus for the camera?
I was also wondering if there was a way to zoom the cameras view without moving it or the subject that is being shot?


For the light, select the lamp, open the ‘lamp buttons’ down in the buttons window, set the intensity how you want it, and with the mouse cursor in the lamp buttons window, press I . That creates an IPO key just like any other object or material animation, then you can change the frame and light intensity and add another key , or open an IPO window to ‘lamp’ mode and add the key there.

If you select a camera and go into Edit buttons (F9) you can change the Lens setting. This approximates changing the camera’s focal length for wide/tele effects.

For changing actual focus distance, you have several choices. You can render in the Yafray ray tracer, which has settings for depth of field/focus. With the Blender internal renderer, look up DOF (Depth of Field) here at Elysiun for ways to fake it. You can also use the Blur plugin with the Sequence Editor to fake blurred planes.