Lights in BGE not working


I have a problem. The lamps in the blender game engine do not light up objects like cubes. I have a cube with the default material assigned, and I have GLSL enabled. The energy of the lamp is set to 100.0. Why is the cube showing up as dark. Please reply ASAP. This is giving me a difficult time.
Here is a screenshot:

Thank you!

This is giving me a difficult time.
That’s what you are also doing for people who may wish to help you.

Maybe you could actually do a useful thing and add your blend file so we can see rather than having to use guesswork to figure out what your scene settings are ?

Does the cube has any material and do you have turned the texture-mode on?

I forgot to post it. And i am new to this site, hence I didn’t know how to upload.

Use the “Go Advanced” Button, dont use “Post Quick Reply” there you find the Option below to “Manage Attachements” a klick on that shows a new Window with new Options.

You can Upload a file via klicking “Add file”
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Now, Good luck :slight_smile:

Here is the .blend Light.blend (407 KB)

Move the light so it illuminates the side faces
Flip the normals of the faces to light the inside

I flipped the normals. But when I bring the light to one face it only lights that face and it doesn’t light any other faces. Here is a picture: