Lights only affecting certain objects?

If I have a cup on a mesh surface… can I have a light only fall upon the cup? And not show on the mesh? Using an area or lamp?

Have a light only affect certain objects??? Possible.

Thanks all!


Attached is a blend file and a picture showing how to use and where the option (highlighted in yellow) is located to restrict the influence of light groups to a particular object.

In the blend file are 2 lights of different colours, as well as a cube and a plane object. The cube and plane are just a normal white colour. But if you render the scene you will notice that the plane is blue and the cube is red. The red cube is illuminated by the red light and the blue plane is illuminated by the blue light.

To do this you have to add the light you want to limit to particular object into a group. So select the light press ctrl+g and add the light to a group (give it a good name). Once the light is part of a group, then select the object that you wish to receive the light (in object mode), goto the Shader panel and type in the name of the Group you added the light to in the GR: field (highlighted in yellow) and click the exclusive button.

Hopefully the selected object will now only be lit by the lamp that is in the group.

I know the above is confusing but hopefully the blend file will explain better.


LightGroups.blend (136 KB)