Lights washing out my model, anyone know how to reduce the distance the light emits?

My model has interior lighting, but it seems my lighting is always washing out the rest of the model. Is there anyway I can reduce the distance the light emits or travels?

I am using indirect lighting. I have bounces set to 4. Nothing else was really changed. Anyone know how to make lights light up only a little bit around their location?

here is an image to help see what I am talking about. It is clear here that the grey is washing out the little lights everywhere. I want it to be darker, with the lights only illuminating the immediate surroundings, and nothing else.


When selecting the lights in object mode, you can find the parameters in the properties panel and adjust the strength there - you can imput numerically or grab a slider, either way.

Reducing bounces did the trick. I am going to play with the factor now. See what that does!

You can also turn Indirect lighting way down. Like to 0.1. Then really crank up the emit values to like 100-500.

Thanks Atom, here’s what I have now.