Lights, Water and Restrictions

Got three questions.

First off is in-game lighting possible. If yes how do you accomplish it. If no how do you fake it? I want flickering flames and stuff like that but do not know if it is something able to be done in the current game engine.

Second is I want to make a river that is moving. Can I make animated textures on objects or something of that nature? Has anyone done moving water before or waterfalls?

Third. I have accidentally figured out how to do something and need clarification on if I am doing it correctly. I have a broken bridge that I want the FPS player to be able to walk on but not cross. I have found that putting a plane with the normals pointing away from the camera makes the object “invisible” but you can still collide with it. Would this be the way to make proper restrictions to levels to keep players in the area I want but allow me to model a bigger area.

Thanks for the answers in advance.


Question 1- Yes ingame lighting is very possible. Just use a lamp and set the faces you want to be affected to Light by pressing ‘W’.

Question 2-Yep its possible. I think I’ve seen a demo somewhere with a real-time waterfall and river. If I find it I’ll post a link.

Question 3-You can make the faces invisible by setting them to invisible on the same menu (accessed by pressing ‘W’) and clicking Invisible.

This is why I love the blender community, answers to questions. I appreciate your answer.


For UV animated water texture, search “pepius script” in this forum.

You can fake fire lightning with colors IPOs. Check the “fakes” section on