Lights with GLSL

Ive noticed that with the new (and cool) GLSL shaders, the lamp material-IPO does not work. By this I mean, that with the old shading it was possible to turn lights on/off by using there energy value. This gives a very smooth blend from off to on. Now this does not seem to work when having GLSL enabled. Would this little ‘glitch’ be possible to correct before the furture release?

Try have a look at my blend if you dont understand



candle.blend (149 KB)

I have the official 2.48 release for windows (vista). The bug is still present.

Actually no kind off material ipo work, I tried using a UV offset ipo wicth didn’t work either.

True, I’ve tried an RGB IPO and that didn’t work…

Exacly. Its pretty odd. Sombody able to fix this issue?

Nop, but at least the UV scroll script still works, at least not all modification on materials have stopped working ^^