Lightsaber Effect

How would I go about creating the effect a lightsaber’s blade has? I don’t know if it has anything to do with any radiosity or something like that (I just see a bunch of stuff around that I still don’t know the meaning of) but if someone could tell me how to make the glow of a lightsaber, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

use halo materials…just make the material a halo, and make it a green color…then you get a green lightsaber…try checking out for lightsaber tutes…peace out man!

Oh, thanks a lot… I appreciate it. Now I have a better understanding of what halo materials can do. Learn somethin’ every day. :]

Sorry for the double post, but how do I adjust the level of the halo’s power? Thanks.

With the add slider…sry my reply took so long…so if u still need the help…ther i guess :slight_smile:

Actually you want two lines with halo materials. One for the white center of the blade, and one for the colored glow.

aaahhh, trudat, good idea