Lightsaber fight

(WeirdHat) #21

Nope. :-?

(theeth) #22


you should put the original footage somewhere, that would be great for a sequel to the compositing contest.


(dreamsgate) #23

totally cool, is that what you will be teaching in class today?

(adyus) #24

heh, I could see the toy hilt, maybe you could at least modify it in the last frames or even spin it a bit like in Jedi Knight II (if you’ve played it). Really cool. I have only one request: How fast can you publish your seminar on Blenderskool?

(seval) #25

Very nice. Too bad you got YOUR HEAD KNOCKED OFF by that guy in the hat though. Better luck next time. Seriously… I have always known that there are many members of the community that are “younger”. The only advice that I can really give you is keep at it… and do NOT make your goal another Star Wars. You can do better than that, someday… if you keep at it.

(jonnierod) #26

I was doing the lightsaber thing once where we were rotoscoping with another program called pro-motion. It was an animation program, but since we could import avi we used it to rotoscope stuff. We painted the lightsaber in and I was worried about the blur to, until we did a test export and when we got it onto vhs the imperfections of our process blurred it anyway, and it looked really good. Sometime you luck out.

I can see where you painted over the toy lightsaber after it was turned off. I was looking because I had to do a similar thing, but yours came out much better than mine. I accidentally passed my “saber” in front of my head, so that was kind of hard to erase.

Excellent job. I see a career at ILM for you.

(bmax) #27

there’s one thing i noticed: the char’s shadow is infront of the table. i know, i know, its cause you pasted him in there…try to make his shadow a bit shorter or something…i dunno…

(IMProvisar) #28

Yeah, I agree about the shadows… your opponent casts a much darker shadow to the right than you do. But… I watched it over and over, and it wasn’t until about the 5th or 6th viewing before I noticed it… that’s awesome.


(theeth) #29

I just noticed a little something. It might be a compression error, but on one frame at the end, it seems like the character’s shadow is projected on top of your arm.


(EnV) #30

Great work! I agree that motion blur would have improved the shot (if you watch the single frames of Star Wars you will notice that lightsabers blurring is not made by real blurring, but enlarging the blade…), but anyway a very well done compositing!


(WeirdHat) #31

That’s my least favorite part of the animation. I was going to fix it, but then then no one seemed to notice it, so I didn’t do anything about it. Maybe I’ll fix it now.

(theeth) #32

also, at the end, we can see the plastic blade a bit, after you turned off the lightsaber.


(Rhysy 2) #33

Ooooooooh !

All you need is motion blur, the classic humming noise, and if possible a model of Darth Vader and you will become a great Jedi Master…

(VelikM) #34

WoW! You’re getting really good at that. :smiley: :smiley:

(Riskbreaker) #35

In the words of Chris Rock in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back:
“George Lucas is about to sue someone’s ass” :smiley: :smiley:
Great work mate :smiley:

(wavk) #36

:o Friggin’ awesome! This is superb! Argh, I tried to manually camera track a little piece of film I took with my digicam, but that took me hours and it was sooooooooooooooo bad. This is unearthly good!

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen
Funny Farm

(sten) #37

hey weirdhat

sorrt for not commenting until now

great work !! I have tried something as well, but not as great as you :wink:

more more !!

(blengine) #38

thats really cool! could use some modeling though, a primitives collection as a person just doesnt do this any justice at all =(
if you modeled a detialed jedi, or use watto for the scene, this would look extrememly impressive!

(LohnS) #39


Compositing: Good
Modelling: pretty bad
Animation: not so good

One out of 3 not bad :-?

(WeirdHat) #40

I spent very little effort on the modeling and animation. The main purpose of this was the compositing.

Hmmm… I wish I had a Yoda model… maybe I’ll try modeling him, last time I tried that it turned out crappy though.