Lightsaber node-compsite real image


I essentially used the node profile that was posted by another (I’ll insert reference later just in a hurry right now) to simulate the lightsaber effect but I had to tweak to overlay the real image and the blade quite nicely (alpha over didn’t work well btw).

If you’re wondering ‘what the…’ just go over to to check out their insanity.


Okay as promised… the node profile is done by ‘Rogenator’ so thanks to him for his creativity! If you travel this thread you’ll see a way to do lightsabers by Halos… it looks okay but i prefer the nodes way, looks more real.

I haven’t tried it yet, but through the nodes is it possible to insert an animation rather than an image and have it go frame-by-frame in the 3D window? If not, that would be a great functionality from a compositing point of view.

Oh and ibkanat, it’s not Bobafett… it’s supposed to be ‘megatron’, it’s not really supposed to make sense but if you go to the website at the top and check out their videos you’ll realise not much of what they do makes any sense, but their my friends so I have to love them :stuck_out_tongue: