Lightsaber Request

Has been done, no need to respond here anymore.

Hello everyone

I’m out here making a request for someone to make a lightsaber model for me in blender.
If you want to do this please let me know how much it would cost.

Do you need the model to be realistic? using pbr materials?

Doesn’t need to be realistic.

Hi @Maxime_Mazet I just spent some time rendering an example of a lantern. It’s intended to resemble the Goal Zero lantern, my family owns various of these. The 3d one I made resembles it in both modelling and texturing. Here is my sample lantern! :

I’d be interested to try light sabers too, and be part of your project. I hope to hear from you soon!

sorry im new here so i dont know the rules, is it okay to say the price here? im adding some details, but i dont have much experience with materials, if you are interested let me know!

Ok, i can make a good lightsaber, just need to know the details, like the model should be low poly, medium poly or high poly?

I’ll leave my sketchfab profile if you like my style, contact me.

But i see someone just made a cool looking model, so you can just go with him if you like.

all done, contact me if interested