Lightsaber Rotoscoping Challenge CLOSED

Hey if someone’s going to say that I’m not a moderator, I sent a PM to Theeth and he okayed it.Even though he said it might be hard. So the challenge is Lightsaber( Rotoscoped if wanted). You can do pics(simpler) or vids. RULE #1: You can use Blender only. I do not allow Photoshop. :no: And let the rotoscoping begin!

I think… you should askblackcougar before following up on Week Day challenges, seeing that he normally handles them and there are set rules for it already.

… or just change the name to something else and nothing will happen.

oops. Theeth simply said that if i want to put up a chalenge to put it up here.

So no challenge?

don’t worry blenderman, just change the name of the post to something like “Lightsaber Rotoscoping Challenge”

You can do this by pressing edit on your post, then advanced edit and you’ll be able to change the title

Challenge re opened!
Thanks to Theeth and BC!

Ummm… Sorry sounds kinda n00bish, but after I OPEN THIS and all the entries come in what should I do then? Uh could one of the admins help out?

You can make a new topic for the voting and put everything there in a nice and neat outline. I think I will have to try this, sounds like fun. All I need to know is the rules, like starting and ending date you know.

Okay starting date is Saturday the 21st 1:00 p.m. EST time in America, 7:00 p.m. in Amsterdam, 3:00 a.m. Sydney, Australia(sorry Australians), 11:00 p.m. in New Delhi. End Time(Im giving extra time cuz’ rotoscoping takes time) Till, 5th of July same time in each country. If I’m nice enough I’ll go to the 12th. Be good cuz’ you just might get till the 12th!

do the renders have to be new?

NO. You can take any old rotoscoping and post it. But it has to be yours.

Can we submit multiple entries? I have a good video and a good picture I want to submit.

EDIT: I like the video best, so here it is.

This is where we post our entries right?

Very nice. Could you put up a picture too? Extra. How’d you put the saber sound in?

I’ll make another soon

Sound was also done in Blender :slight_smile:

And here is your picture.

Hey Everyone. Here is my lightsaber. Also, DarthKomar, is that you from the jedi council forums? Its BruceM, i posted in your saber tutorial thread. And dudebot, its also brucem from

I grabbed an image off google images and switched up the Bo to sabres.


@brucem91, Yes I am DarthKomar. Those Sabres look really nice! Could you show us your method?

Keep coming! Only 8 or 9 days left!

Now I call that coincidence.
I am right now experimenting and developing a robust and hopefully versatile lightsaber node setup and toolbox. And here there is a challenge for this :cool:.

So for the still I managed to corner a crab sith and took the follwoing photo from it.

A first version of a short video sequence can be found here