So i decided to make something from the Star Wars universe, and decided to make an Obi Wans lightsaber. Just wanted to see some feedback.


OMG, smoke, of course !! Why J.J. Abrams didn’t think of this instead of his crappy electric sword ? it looks gorgeous !!
Fuck I’ll be even more pissed when seeing the red light saber, knowing that it could emit smoke instead.
You know, when the saber would shut off, we would see a line of smoke fading away.
We would see the guy’s breath when the saber would be close to his mouth, like when he would be pushing against his opponent, closely facing him.
He could even blow on his saber after the fight to make it look like he’s blowing on a gun (that would be weird, but put the right way it could be fun)
Anyway, thanks for ruining my Star Wars viewing.

Dude! Great job! Awesome light saber model!