LIGHTSABERS i need some help

hey guys i got this image here

the saber on the left is what im askinng about for simplicity. i want the green to light up the wall and floor but also be (overwhelmed, shadowed? not sure of the right word. by the light from the door way. but maybe light up the wall and the dark side of the jedi’s body (removed for censoring reasons)

i have attatched a shot of my node set up. ive tried multipule light paths. the door arch is a chrome material and the dark wall surrounding it is just a glossy with some roughness

If you want flare to glow around the door then you will want to do a post effect with glare node in the compositor.

in reality i want it to kinda reflect on the wall and floor just like if the light saber was lighting the wall

i have KINDA a solution with adding an off camera green emmision pannel

Set the emission of the lightsaber higher than 1. A value of 1 will have no effect on the environment afaik. You might have to turn it up crazy high because the object is rather small.