Lightsabre video rotoscoping (with future tutorial)

I’ve been fiddling with lightsabre rotoscoping and I’ve managed to get them to look like Ryan Wieber’s sabres, a few tutorials I’ve found around here make them look to much like the SW sabres which I think look terrible.

Anyways, I’m rendering a film nows and I’ll make a tutorial this weekend so keep your eyes on this thread.

Here’s a video, youtube trashed the quality :frowning:

Your blur seems a little sharp in that video. It almost looks like the saber’s getting wider and narrower as you swing it.

Hate to tell you this, but thats the idea.

I’ve done a better video, I’ll upload it later.

Ah. I see. They did that in the movies, too, I guess. It still doesn’t look quite right, though. The end of your saber blade is flattened, so it’s giving you really sharp points on your rotoscoping. The resulting blur looks almost rectangular. It just doesn’t seem natural. Light doesn’t generally behave that way.

I’ve got some better results from fiddling with the colors, all I need now is to figure out how to get a curve in the core. If anyone wants to help develop this, I can give you a .blend so you can help out.

I’m trying to figure out how to do masking in blender, any ideas anyone?

I would love to be able to do this. I love visual effects in real life and would love to be able to do this! Can’t wait and love your results!

Yea well its gone well so far, but masking is looking like a no-go and I can’t seem to get a curve in the blade for when I swing it. Maybe I’ll just buy effectslab pro after all.

I’m a complete noob so I might be incredibly wrong, but couldnt you position some negative lights at the end to round it off?

Can’t you replicate masking by simply compositing a plane over your blade? Or does that not work with video?

I could, but I’d have to do it after I rendered a non masked video of the lightsabre, and I looks WAY to fake.

When you say “curve in the blade,” do you mean you want your saber bent like a katana? Also, what method are you using to achieve your blade glow right now?

I mean a curve in the top when the blade is swung.

I’ve given up on the curve, it’s just not possible by practical means as far as I’m concerned.
Also, with the motion blurs that I have in my raw test clips, the stunt blade does blur rectangly not with a curve at the top.
But my major achievement is my masking. Seeing as we can’t really mask, what I’ve done is to use more than one plane rather than make one and mask bits out later. I’m uploading my latest clip to youtube now.

All thats left is sabre clashes and I’m done and I’ll start writing a tutorial!

Here’s the latest test video, MASKING WOOT!

I think I’ve got the clashes down, I’m using spheres as halos to do them. I try do a full test of a few seconds of a duel with sound later.

When I finish this tutorial, I’ll post all the .blend files and a tutorial so that people who aren’t familiar with Blender can rotoscope lightsabres as well.

I kind of know how you are doing it but some parts are fuzzy so really looking forward to that tutorial!

Fuzzy? Its probably just the codec compression I put on the video.

wow. this is amazing. awesome work. i can’t wait for a tut!

Almost finished the clash test, so you won’t have to wait long :wink: