Lightwave 2020 released

Same applies to all the devs of all other DCC’s I would say.
My negative thoughts are always aimed at the management or other suits who make these decisions, i have no beef with the devs. A stable program that works well is a success that should be attested to them, mismanagement and stupid decisions should be blamed on the bosses.
Honor to whom honor is due.
I know i can be very emotional in my anger and be very foul mouthed and it might appear like a scattershot, but i actually do know the difference.

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Well said. Also the same for me goes with the app. And in this particular case with LightWave. It might appear at times I am “Hating on LightWave”, but I am not really. It is just frustrating to watch someone miss-manage a tool to the point you can’t use it anymore. And that you once put your trust in. And most importantly invested time in. It was no small decision for me to move from LightWave to Blender in 2008. But my eyes were wide open at that point. And I saw the aspersions NewTek was casting on the situation. And I watched as people got sucked into CORE. I just did not believe a word they were saying anymore at that point. When Rob came on board, at first I was not that impressed. But over time I saw that he really had some good ideas. And I upgraded to LightWave again. 2015. Took my chances. Waited…

The rest is history.

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Bullet motors is already in Blender.

Bone dynamics can be done as easy as in LW with this addon.

IKBooster like setup with this addon
You can also use the AutoIK setting in pose mode.

Thank´s Mikael, always helpful with providing alternatives.
More tools to mark as checked for a future crossover.


This is looking very cool. It appears to look smoother than IK booster ever did.

But IK booster had some very strange quirks that made Character Animation never work or look right when it came to pinning. I did all of the tutorials back in the day and I was playing with it quite a lot. My conclusion was that it was not production ready. And the examples given by people like Larry Shultz even, god bless him, just looked off.

This rig, at first, looks like something is not quite right on the character stuff. Hard to tell if it is the guy’s skill or the rig kind of forcing you into certain behaviors or what.

To my knowledge there is no real good looking full body IK not even in MotionBuilder which has the best I have seen or used.

Overall like this though. It is a very cool find. Used tor the right purpose I guess.

Just my main suspicion is there is going to be some kind of gotcha someplace when it seems “too good to be true”.

Speaking of mismanagement (and beating dead horses):
I invested several months to learn XSI and put money to the side with the intention to switch to it half a year before it was killed off - i totally missed all the rumors of its impending doom ( or unconsciously ignored it ).
Back then i shrugged it off and went back to C4d for (a while), but now when I look back at it, I probably would have loved it. Goodnight, sweet prince, i barely knew you. :cry:
I still like Maya even if its a Frankenstein monster made up of dead plug-ins, but it puts me in a strange relationship with Autodesk, I like/respect some of their products but i absolutely loathe the upper management.
Similar with Maxon and C4d i guess, only that i kinda fell out of love with C4d itself - it’s still a nice tool, but it’s not for me, there is no future timeline i can see myself using it unless someone throw lots of money at me.
In regards to Lightwave - this one is special:
I somehow always stayed away from it - I admit I never had more than a very superficial knowledge of it, but I always felt that I was not really compatible with me and the modeller/layout separation was just absurd in my mind.
So in order to give it a serious chance, I was waiting for the unification of these tools…
Back then when I used C4d, Lightwave was clearly superior in a lot of disciplines, often things I would have needed, but the design philosophy of the program actively prevented me from accepting it as it was.
You may call me stubborn or wise :wink: but I had this instinct and sticking to it was a matter of principle for me.
I admit sometimes I looked down on Newtek and their inability to get the curve and some of that may have brushed of to the Lightwave users occasionally. (Sorry guys)
But if i activate my mirror neuron network then i can feel the pain of all the Lightwave users who see what their tool has become and what it could have been.
In this timeline some things are not meant to be.
All you can do is feel the emotional reaction inside of yourself, accept it as it is, adapt and move on (also rant on an online forum to your heart content).

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I must admit that I havn’t used the addon myself, but it looks way better or more stable than IKB. But as you say I never felt that IKB was really that good for CA work. It could be good for certain things but not a solution that will take traditional rigging away, not yet anyway.

This IK solver also look very promising. In the end of the thread you can also see the latest preview with a node based workflow. I don’t think it is released yet but looks quite powerful.

Just found out that changing pivot point in blender seems to be way more tedious than how you do it in Lightwave…at least for modeler.
If I haven´t missed something that is?..if there is a better way…jump in and correct me.

In Lightwave I just select a face or a point or edge, and go to layers and click on center pivot…Done, and if I set that as a shortcut even faster.

Also if I simply drop the mesh to ground I will have the pivot point at the bottom of the mesh, or drop to center and it will be there in the center of the mesh.

Now in blender…go in to edit mode, go to mesh…snaps…then cursor to selected, then go back to object mode, object then set origin, origin to 3d cursor.

Isn´t there really faster ways of doing this pivot change?

Yes there is. Since 2.81 there is a new way to move origin with the move and rotate tool.

Try to rotate the pivot in modeler and see how easy it is. :grinning:

Yes there is. Since 2.81 there is a new way to move origin with the move and rotate tool.

Try to rotate the pivot in modeler and see how easy it is.

Well…not sure what you mean about rotating the pivot in modeler, you can´t unless rotating just the mesh around the pivot, but I just use the transform tool with it´s rotate gizmos, and right click to set any desired face or point as a pivot point for that rotational action…then it´s just a matter of mouse dragging on the rotation handles, but keep in mind to choose pivot button for it to snap without the normal direction.

So what´s the problem with that Mikael :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips in blender though…will check it out before I return with comments on that.

I have never touched lightwave, but I am guessing there are some users on here who used it before blender.

Quite obviously that there is…isn´t it?

Lino Grandi…lw developer.
Chris Jones
Richard Culver
And me
Just to name a few.

Ztreem…I can´t see how to move the origin with the newer move tools, only the 3d cursor.
Tried in both edit mode, and in object mode, and even that transform tools, tried alt, shifting…but all it does is moving the mesh, not the origin…you said it was possible to move the origin…and I suppose you didn´t actually mean move the 3d cursor?

Never mind…found it in the sidebar…check affect origin only…
Great, but still…awkward…I would have to remember unchecking it each time I need a transform of mesh elements as a whole…takes a lot of using I guess.

me too (ex Lightwave user). I was so hopeful about Core, and abandoned soon after that hope was dashed.

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Sure, I don’t know of anybody here.

The subject caught my attention. Brings back a memory, I recall some very impressive renders of Enterprise, they were from 2003. I was only fourteen at the time, when I saw them, I posted them on a forum to do with the series. Got some suspicious comments. One immediately knew, I couldn’t of made the render.

I am not sure now if, that software may of been used to model the ship and was used for animation.

I think most of the modeling in Early star trek (that was cgi) was modeled in Lightwave…I am not sure though…and at later point it may have changed.
Ron Thornton was a bit of a pioneer with modeling in lightwave for Babylon 5, the first tv series featuring cg spaceships, then he also worked on star trek as well I think.

Personally I think I could model a good ship in lightwave without much trouble, but that is partly because I know much more of the tools there than in blender.

Soon I need to dig in to blender hardops and see what that can do for me.

I agree…it’s a pretty new feature, but the UI is not ideal. It should be together with the other settings of the move/rotate tool. I don’t understand why it is hidden in an extra menu,it just increases the amount of clicks.
I would suggest you bind it to a shortcut or put it into the favourites menu.
I personally use the insert key (same as in Maya).

Hardops, Boxcutter and Meshmachine is a deadly combo for Hard Surface stuff. It’ll take a while until you have absorbed all the possible workflows and become comfortable with it, but it’s worth it. All the time you invest learning it, you’ll get back and then some. Its hard to quantify but learning all of this and using it made me 2x - 5x faster when it comes to modelling.

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Personally I think they should just introduce a move origin tool, and when choosing it…autosnapping is turned on and with options to choose center for an edge or center for a face selected and apply.

In lightwave …the transform tool to use…and just right click on any face, edge or point and click choose pivot and it´s done with the gizmo to rotate…not sure why Mikael (Ztreem) feels it is awkward to rotate pivot with that…I see no issues with it…but Mikael often finds that extra action you may need to do…so I´m sure he jumps in and corrects me :slight_smile:

there is a difference in Lightwave though…when you use the transform tool and pivot options…it is only for the editing of the mesh, not actually applying a true pivot to the mesh…when you want to rotate it with other tools, or when sending the mesh to layout.

Otherwise as I mentioned, just picking a face or a point and click center pivot does the job for placement movement.

That’s probably a more elegant solution. I thought about this before - other DCC’s also have this as dedicated tool like C4d for example. Maybe put some more options into it, like drop origin to ground level / lowest point of mesh, that would make many people happy i guess.

Drop origin to ground level…well that I want as well in blender with the same ease as in lightwave, there I use f3 to rest object on ground, or f2 to center at origin.

There´s got to be some shortcut or an option for that to setup in blender as well.

I think Modo has some of the better tools for dropping and snapping objects in a scene to other surfaces.
Just learning myself to snap objects to faces in blender…so that I got covered and with rotation along normal.
you can do that in lightwave with the align tool …but there it is applied directly with a snap…after selecting your face and target.

There is a pictrix free plugin that can move object segments on top of other objects segments surfaces in lightwave…it´s called sp move…which is great, but his plugin may be gone or stopped in development.

I could see myself renting LW for lets say 54€ every 6 months, just like modo indie,else it dosnt have nothing i feel would be special for buying at 1000€. Sadly LW is for game makers uninteresting with its aged modeler and for rendering there are better solutions.

I just feel sad for the people over there,beggin for an update, almost 2 decades and they still believe THE NEXT VERSION will be it! , just sad. And for those that have used lightwave for long it might be a good experience but my experience was just a horror,even navigating having to use trackball and most everything else plus it just felt so DOS,i was way more productive in silo in 5 minutes than in LW in one hour.