Lightweight procedural fake cloud reflection node setup?


I am working on a web application and would like to forgo the need for loading a heavy Hdr for creating a sky reflection on my materials.
I can not bake the material onto the meshes as the users should be able to choose between a number of glossy and mat materials.

So far I used a jpg texture which works reasonably well but still takes loading time.

Now I was wondering if I could somehow fake this cloud reflection somehow by adding noise nodes or similar to the glossy mater.
The setup should have a directional component which makes the reflection only visible from certain angles.

Note, the Hdri used previously is not used for scene lighting and is only visible on the reflections so far.

Not sure if this is possible at all.

Surely there are some WebGL shaders which can do this… you may even search on ShaderToy: Cloud Sky ?

Thanks but that search over there yields 0 results…

Ups sorry i got a 504-gateway-timeout and just wanted to post the site url without query. But what i meant was: there shouls be some shader out there and searching for shader sky cloud… for example gets … and just now a shadertoy search with only using sky did give a 504–timeout again… but then switched to a result (?? after some time while i found the above and typed this post…) gives Himalayas (reinder), SKy001 (candycat), Enscape Cube (ThomasSchander), narrow sky (lise)…