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Like a Storybook

Blender 2.73 Cycles Render


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That looks very nice and realistic. The reference link seems to be broken, so I can’t compare, but I would say, the floor is a little bit too glossy and if that place isn’t brand new, things at the bottom should be less reflective, especially when there are plants, that attract dirt like nothing else. If you like to, you cold also move the UVs of the planks on the left a little, so the bumps are not that similar on those few planks.
That’s everything I discovered when zooming in, I like the overall appearance.
Well done.

very nice and realistic. I am also learning about it

Thanks for your comment, I’ll review it all.

Great image and really realistic, I liked especially the bokeh effect.

Looks really good. I like your renders in general and learned a lot from you sharing your render settings in other threads. Thanks for that :slight_smile:
Quick question - is there a reason you use blender 2.73 instead of the newest stable version?

@FelipeDR Thanks

@ToshiCG Thanks I use a test version 2.73,it has an option that I like I still use it for that reason.

Thanks for sharing.
Yes I noticed that was missing when I tried to emulate your settings but there is white level and black level if you turn on Use Curves (not sure if that’s the same thing tho :slight_smile: )

Refreshing render. It would have almost passed for a photo if the noise could have been reduced but I totally understand that’s because of the DoF. Keep it up!


beautiful render man! tum dum pá!

Great composition. Love the bokeh effect going on here. Great job!

Thakyou guis :smiley:

Great piece man!!!
Really neat.

Very. Nice is réalité

Beautiful! DOF is a bit too strong and makes it look like a dollhouse a bit, but it is still a greatly appealing work!

Fantastic work here, I love how it looks. For me, the noise adds to the image.

Great as always!!!

Is the noise an aesthetic choice or it is due to scene’s difficulty?

I could leave without noise, but I like it that way.


great composition…

Why do you need that white value? :slight_smile: