Like, OMG! Web Design!!! gimme a break...

We’re in Business Technology Essentials class and learning basic web design. It’s so boring: “This is a TAG…This is a body tag…”


I see n00bs…they surround me…:smiley:

do people realy still hand code html, cos i have not done the old note pad thing since dream weaver came around. i mean who’s got the time to hand code an entire site?
i know i haven’t

so what does this mean?
<span type=“text/javascript” id=“ctl00_Main_Unavailable1_ErrorMessageLabel”>Invalid Friend ID.<br>This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted.</span>

<span> tag is used to group inline elements and add other more spofisticated elements the<br> stands for a breack and is simerla to a paragraph. just because some one uses a visual based product to code does not mean that they dont know what the foundations mean

Meta-Androcto: What do you mean? It’s just a myspace message saying one of your friends has deleted their page. or maybe facebook…

lol, it’s a part of a message saying your myspace page has been deleted or link is invalid.
just thought I’d let you know.
I agree basic html is boring & I use dreamweaver myself, often it is still handy to know basic to advanced html for tweaking & customizing.
Some people still write entire sites using notepad/text editors so their code is entirely clean.
Your web design knowledge can only improve by going over things you already know,
even if it is boring, there’s always new stuff to be learned.
You could ask your instructor if you could fly through the basic stuff ahead of your classmates & move on to some more challenging coding.

I just use NVU and Open office for simple HTML stuff.

It is still nice to know the code, to pop in and add and fix things is nice sometimes.

i find it much more comfortable to code things by hand. of course sometimes WYSIWYG is a bit easier, but at least i know what’s happening when i do everything by hand. oh yeah, and - dreamweaver is not that cheap. a good code-editor is all i need. are things like CSS-driven list-menues (like here for example: even possible without coding them by hand?
i taught me html and css by myself (well, i surely am far from perfect) and i have to say i found it much easier and faster to learn than dreamweaver. although nvu is surely a good program, but i never got used to it.
i am giving a course about webdesign / internet at university as well. and guess what? of course my students have to learn html and css! i mean - you don’t know anything about webdesign if you don’t know how it works - and that’s basically html and css.
but - if you already know how html, css and so on work, then i can understand that using dreamweaver can speed things up, especially when you’re doing a lot of webdesign. for me it’s fine to do it by hand. it’s so … - open source… :slight_smile:

I hand write all my HTML, CSS, and PHP for my websites.
I use Komodo Edit.

I love having complete control over my code, and even working out the problems is fun.
Having a program do it automagically just bores me, and often times it does it sloppily and without any real organization at all. Hand coding really is the only way to do it, in my opinion.

And dream weaver happens to be the biggest pile of shite I have ever seen. Everybody I know in the industry that uses dreamweaver log’s onto to a webdesign-related forum and are constantly asking “how to do XYZ” , “why does my page not display properly /in all browsers”. “have a look at my page”+ look shite. “whats CSS”

WYSIWYG is not good for webdesign, creates ugly code, over-complicates and generally does not work well for anything of detail /complication. Dreamweaver is however (IIRC) good for highlighting code, thats about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

most people with nice looking, sucessfull sites and /or get paid nice money to make websites, ‘hand code’

And you wanted to do a whole movie with other people. :rolleyes:

I’ve used dreamweaver before, but mostly for the site management tools which could be handy for multiple page edits… But the WYSIWYG editor produced what I would call unsatisfactory, untidy and sometimes incorrect code, So I merely used that as a previewer and did all the real work by hand editing. I found it gave me a lot more control of the end result, and I learned a hell of a lot more about how html, css etc actually works.

Now I have the knowledge that I don’t need fancy programs in order to create well laid out web pages. Of course I also am not aware of any such software that exists for Linux. I would probably still use something like Dreamweaver if it was available, but only for site management, not design.

Edit: I see that Nvu/Kompozer are all that I would need. Free and Open Source too. What more could I ask for :smiley:

If you want your page to load in an instant, hand code.

A blank page made in frontpage or dreamweaver will have like 20 lines of code.
Not necessary.

i dont see your point useing a program like dreamweaver is the quickest and most efficient way to create a web page, even the fastest of coders cannot write a line of code as fast as you can drag and drop.
you don’t run the risk of mistyping something and then spending time finding the line again.
and even if you are the sort of person who loves to hand code you can still review your code and make changes in text format with no adverce affects.

i agree people should know what tags stand for and have a basic knolege of html or other commenly used types. however i spent a whole year learning how to hand code and i very realy use it. and when i do i often find its just to change a verry small thing.

as for dream weaver being slow if you know how to use it correctly you tend not to get very much redundent code at all.
and the only down side is the price.

The sad part it they are probably taught how to use the <marquee> tag, as well as something like <font size=4 color=red></font> and table layouts. Yikes :ba:

OMGZ they baleted the interwebs

Yup, all my code is by hand. No drag and drop HTML or anything. It goes where I want it and that’s final. And I’ve heard the same thing – Dreamweaver BAD. I’ve never used it (thank Heaven!), so I have no personal opinion.

I have a comment on this. As some of you know, I worked on my website recently (here’s the link), and I found that no program like Dreamweaver or Frontpage or anything else could possibly write as clean of code as Notepad++ does. TEXT EDITORS RULE!!!

Ever since, I have discovered I really hate WYSIWYG web design applications. And even in Dreamweaver I’ve found that most of the time I’m just editing code, and then it CHANGES it on me! And I don’t like the changes, as sometimes it causes it to be improper code! IT DRIVES ME NUTS!!!

So true :eek:! And, also <blink> and all the tags found here.

Edit: Oops. Double post. I was going to just type this out and type it into an edit of the first one, but accidetly posted it anew. Oh, well.

Yup. Proud user of notepad2 here. (i can’t live without syntax highlighting, however)

So true ! And, also <blink> and all the tags found here.

eek, i forgot about <b>, i have been using that on my ownpage for a while now. <strong> is just too much typing :mad: