Likely an obvious answer

Hey, all.

Alright, so you know those pictures of characters that have them facing exactly forward and exactly to the left/right 90 degrees? The ones that make it easy to make a base model? Yeah, what are those called? I’m trying to find some on google but I just have no idea what to search.
Found a quick example, images like this:

I’m sure it’s an obvious term that i’m just not familiar with. Thanks!

EDIT: I found that image by searching “character concept t pose”, which didn’t yield very many like this; most were facing off in various directions as opposed to 0, 90, and -90.

as i know they called character sheet but im not sure thank you

Yes! That’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

You can also search for character model sheet.

I love the living lines library here:

it had some amazing model sheets!