lil guys mouth

hey there is this cartoon thinggy that u’m working on.
what are the best ways to do the mouth?

If you’re using 3.27a or earlier, use RVKs.
If you’re using 2.40, look for Shapes.

Hope this helps.


what are those and how do i use them?

If you’re using 2.37a or earlier, see my tutorial. The online documentation is also good, but less thorough…

If you’re using 2.40, this is all I’m aware of right now… Read the RVK stuff to understand what is going on, then look for the shape modifiers and just play around with it.

Hope this helps.

Do you want to know how to make the mouth or how to animate a mouth you’ve already made?

Just some tips for the future:

1: Post a picture if possible.
2: Be more specific in your question so everyone understands what you really want.
3: When someone responds with something obscure (to you) like RVK, don’t just repost “RVK?”, do a quick search of the Blender docs and Elysiun and see what he’s referring to and see if it helps. That’s the real cost of Blender - research.

Hmm, yes, quite right. I assumed you have it all modelled and now want to animate it. Is that right? Or are you having trouble making the mouth to begin with?

oh, i’m sorry. :frowning:

i want to be able to change the expression durring the animation.

Yes, then assuming the mouth isn’t just a painted-on texture, you’ll want to learn about RVKs/Shapes.

What it does is define how your mesh’s vertices are moved from the ‘default’ (or ‘modelled’) location.

You’ve probably modelled the mouth in a neutral position, neither smiling nor frowning nor anything else… Adding an RVK allows you to edit the model so that the mouth is, say, smiling. Another could be making an ‘ah’ sound, etc.

Once done, you can blend the new positions and the original position together. The degree of blending from default to full-smile (or whatever) is animateable (spelling?). You can also blend more than one deformation in at a time, for example: making an ‘ah’ sound while smiling.

If you search the web for ‘lip-synching’ tutorials you’ll get the basics of what kinds of shapes you should be editing the mouth into in order to create basic speach. (I can’t find WeirdHat’s lip-synch tutorial anymore, but there is another prominent one with a sun that has a face, and a few others…)

Hope this helps.

i dont really need it to sound out stuff,

i just want to make a few simple expressions that can change durrying the animation

There isn’t any other way to do it. If you want to modify the shape of your mesh during an animation you’ll need RVKs/Shapes. I’ve given you enough information to learn what you need to do just that.

If you’re unwilling to follow the suggestions given you and learn, you’ll never get what you want. Shape modifiers really aren’t that hard, especially if all you want is a couple of different expressions.