Lilac WIP



This is lilac is a bunny character I’m working on, or more spesifcaly I’m working on giving her fur and clothes.
any tips and critiques are much appreciated

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Very nice…

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Looks like a good start.
Are you using the new Principled Hair BSDF from Blender 2.8 ?


yup, tho I’m working in the newest 1.79 build, since it’s more stable

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I guess you meant 2.79.
2.8 is still going to change before release but it’s kinda stable in terms of bugs and crashes by now.


yeah, I was actually suprised at how stable 2.8 was while making the dragon, but when I started lilac 2.8 wasn’t stable at all so I’m more familliar with working on her in the 2.79 interface, and 2.8 keeps changing

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Maybe 2.8 can at least be used for rendering, since it’s the final process and Cycles has had many improvements (particularly the Principled hair in this case)?


the newest 2.79 build has all the new cycles stuff. principled hair and volume, cryptomattes, etc.
but I’m concidering moving this projecr over to 2.8 as I’m getting more comfortable with it


I forgot to mention, I have a realy quick turntable of her, actually more recent than the render above


I’m now working on her pants

critiques much apreciated

ignore the wierd things happening at the arms, the renderfarm piced up the detail hairs on the arm bandages, but not the bandages themselves


here’s the top so far


more fur thoughts on the chest and arms so far?

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hard to say under such low and uniform lighting conditions.


hmm, true, I’ll render it with a few different hdrs and lights


hand floof is starting to be a thing


and leg fur

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Why are the ears down?


for one, it’s part of her desighn, she cant lift her ears, also, rigging is hard, especially ears that have to be able to stand up and turn in all diractions


I have started on the feets


I have a layer of fur everywere now