Scene made in Blender, rendered in Cycles (2048 samples + Denoising)
Post-Processing was done in Photoshop.

What do you think ? :eyebrowlift:

High res


Great fantasy piece. The scale was a bit confusing. In the portal the stair look normal size as I assumed first that it was big as a door or something similar. Then I saw the person there and then the stairs became huge. Great stuff either way.

I like the colors! They fit the fantasy theme very well.

@BigBlend I realized this scale issue at the end, so I decided to leave it as it was, but I fully understand that it might be confusing :spin:
@Iridesium I tried so many different colours before I get there, I aprreciate you like them :wink:

Pretty cool

Thank you marckiener ! :wink:

It looks amazing.

@pkrissz Thanks !

The compositing work is well put together, good work on that.

Though a couple of the ivy plants on the rocks make it a little too obvious that they were done with the generator using settings not much removed from the defaults (if you’ve seen ivy in many locations, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out where it begins).

@Ace Dragon Thanks for your comments! I completely agree with you about the ivy, but it’s something that I added at the very end and as I spent too much time on this image, I might have rushed these little details. But thanks for the advice, I will try to apply next time.

God this is hands down the best artwork i’ve seen on this forum so far…

@Skoldelid Cheers mate ! I didn’t think my work would impress someone that much !

Wonderful work. Thanks for sharing it.

That is crazy cool man!
Great job!

I love it.
The only down part is the hood. Looks too smooth and simple for such a big part of the image.

Really really well done!

2048 samples with denoising seems a bit much, especially if rendering at a higher/print quality resolution, when using 2,79, in my experience.

I find that 200 to 300 samples with denoising can often be effective for large scale renders, and I can often render at 50 to 200 samples with tweaked denoising values with quality approaching that of 300 to 500 samples without denoising.

Of course, if you have access to a render farm, then high samples are just as well :slight_smile:

One thing I notice is some of the beautiful details on the mirror were sacrificed for the final image so the entrance could be preserved. I almost wish it could have been flipped (x-axis) to preserve that and still allow for an entrance.

All that aside, congratulations on a really cool image!

Thank you all for your comments !

@RobertT Thanks for the advices! :wink:

Awesome piece and very original !
I guess you could have dimmed some part of the image and use less saturation where the elements aren’t that important. Like the hands of the illusionist have the same color of the sky. If you dimmed the background a bit the illusionnist would have poped better. The forest could have been less saturated ect…
It’s just a matter of taste and it’s really great as it is ! Congrats !

@sozap Thanks !
I fully understand your commments. Many people say that there are too many places to explore, I don’t really know if it’s a good thing or not…

Almost very well done, except for the hood fabric, maybe a bump map or something similar could help but overall a very nice job, nice colors, lighting, modeling and composting.