C&C welcome

very good, like the colours

Very nice! i like it

Kelly grr a gdzie dof? :stuck_out_tongue: Niemniej jednak od samego początku praca bardzo mi się podobała i efekt końcowy jest b.fajny. Gdybyś dodał dof który wytłumiłby trochę fakturę materiału, byłoby doskonale.

Hmm ale tak po namyśle, biała wersja była chyba fajniejsza, ale jest i tak spoko :slight_smile:

That is very impressive, it has the quality of a drawing by a botanical illustrator.

Gallery plz~ I love this~ any wip on this? :smiley:

Like it! you have classic style.I saw it in yafaray forum :slight_smile:

excellent :smiley: very nice render

Great render
before this I thought you only make cars

Beautiful, which renderer is it?

…love it…one part caused a sudden intake of breath…and … if I absolutely must find something to crit…would be that maybe the shadow / fold behind the flowers is too deep…and I dooooo like the placement of the folds and their shadows…thanks…

This is just amazing. What are youre material settings for the cloth behind?

Very beautiful, painterly feel.

Beautiful piece of art. I’d say this should be in Gallery.


I kinda liked the previous background you had more though…

Very cool, nice work!

Wow Kellyq I’ve really enjoyed looking at your piece, nicely done, but i agree with sick about the background.To me the sharp focus of the weave of the cloth is competing equally visually with the flowers and vase, each is saying look at me! But again man, nice composition!