Limit for remove doubles in 2.6

Hey everyone,

in blender 2.6, is there any possibility to set a static limit for “remove doubles” like in 2.4x (see attached)?

The way it works in 2.6 you need to set it up each time again with f6.
My workaround atm is to scale up the whole model in edit mode to control the the limt…

edit: i am not allowed to post attachments:(
hopefully its understandable without screenshot

Post this kind of stuff in Help forum. There you can have attachments.

You could create a shortcut for remove doubles (right click on ‘remove doubles’ in ‘W’ list). Then find the keymap in User Preferences -> Input, under 3dview -> Mesh. There you can set a new default limit.

Btw, atm when you set the limit with F6, it’ll stay like that until you change it (but i’m using an older 2.62)

Great!! Exactly what i am looking for.

Thx for your help sago.