Limited Grid Size like bLENDER 2.79

I tried tweaking the settings but Can someone guide me the actual numbers to make grid size limited and small in viewport like in the attached picture.

Floor Grid is infinite in 2.8. It is bounded by clipping values of 3D View.
It cannot be limited anymore by subdivisions values.

As a workaoround, you can use a Grid mesh with wireframe display or use Canvas of a Grease Pencil Object instead.
Grid mesh has the inconvenient of having a wireframe of same color than any other mesh in Solid Display mode.
A Blank Grease Pencil object has a canvas grid oriented according to Drawing Plane defined in Draw mode. You can change its color.
You have to enable it in Overlays popover. As an overlay, its inconvenient is that it can slow down the viewport.

Ugh. Removing features, bleagh.

That is the problem with hype of an UI refactor.
There are a thousand more light on cool new features than on removals.

There is an understandable tendency of devs to make removals while a refactor, trying to simplify a maximum of things to economize work and to link things that are not related from user’s point of view.

And at the moment, you say that is bad move.
Devs are replying : “but there are a thousand of people saying that we are globally doing pretty well.”
They are just not talking about same thing. But that is too late.
And people only complains years, after.

Here, the expectation was to deliver a faster viewport.

If it was for a faster viewport then its ok! Aceepted. But visually the old grid style was better. The same is with modo too which has a nice grid view.