Limiting/constraining size of an object in increments? (not snapping!)

Hello. It’s not really a “basic” question but this sub seems to be the closest to a “fit all” and i really don’t see where to ask this.

Is there a way to limit/constrain the x,y,z size (or, similarly location) of an object to always be a multiple of some arbitrary increment, so that eg with a 0.1 “step” an object could be 6.3 or 6.4 blender units long in it’s x axis, but not 6.348.
I looked at the transformation constraints : they have min/max values but no step so i suppose there is no such feature, but i know blender is full of hidden features (sometimes really well hidden).

I guess it would be possible to control those values indirectly using drivers. The “scripted expression” is actually a Python line isn’t it? So i could use a mathematical rounding operator to get incremental values from the location of an empty and use this to drive another value right? Not sure i can drive the dimensions thought as they are in the “n” panel, but not the object properties.

NOTE : I’m not looking for a way to snap to an increment during editing, i know how to do this.

you could G key and + add a specific value !

happy bl