LIMITS do not work??

hi, in hope to get asap help, here is the main thread where all is described.
mb some people here can help me.

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The current implementation of the IK solver ignores all constraint based rotation limits . If you want to lock/limit the rotation of bones currently you need to do it by going through the IK limit/locks that will appear if the bone is a part of an armature chain in the Armature Bones panel, not through applying limit rotation constraints . Be careful with this though, with some combinations of limits/locks you can get odd IK behavior .

The limit rotation constraints do work with Auto IK, but only after the fact, i.e. the IK behavior is not interactive, so the bone will snap back to the constraint limit once the IK is solved .

There is a branch in the SVN currently where a developer is working to add a new IK solver that won’t ignore constraints (the current implementation ignores almost all constraints) that are applied to a bone among other things . I guess IK solvers aren’t as sexy as smoke or rendering improvements, but if this gets fully fleshed out it should make rigging with IK much more predictable .

Thx, this was what i need to know,
thanks u much. Its sad that they just ignore the set up limits.

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