Lincoln Ls gets blown up

This is some of my recent work with blender and special effects to see what was possible with simple rotoscoping.

Here’s a pic of the node tree for compositing - way to many nodes!
Tried the insert pic but didn’t seem to do anything any suggestions?

Cool! The movement and sound is good. The only thing letting it down is the quality of the explosion. Maybe that’s just your computer capabilities though.

Actually my comp is i7 monster but the time it took me to get the existing smoke simulations to look good was ridiculous and things were getting supper complicated in the compositor due to multiple smoke domains and mask in the scene . I wanted to do much more particles for parts and other small stuff but blender doesn’t have reactor systems yet

Very nice animation the mechanics of everything that is moving looks spot on to me, I agree that the issue is the explosion and I think its the black contrast at the edge of the explosion in particular making it appear separate from the environment, making this alpha or more white smoke would be better in this environment. Good luck.

So your thinking that the actual explosion sim should be a bit more transparent? Ill give it a try and see how it looks - i was thinking very dense explosion with lots of black smoke from a missile but maybe not.